2023-08-10 Korean Daily Misson

“가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다”

(Words Spoken Gently Go In, Words Spoken Harshly Come Out Beautifully):

Origin: The Korean proverb “가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다” translates to “Words spoken gently go in, words spoken harshly come out beautifully” in English. This proverb emphasizes the impact of communication and highlights the importance of choosing one’s words carefully when interacting with others.

Meaning: The proverb “가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다” underscores the idea that the way we communicate and present our words has a direct influence on how others perceive and respond to us. When we speak gently, respectfully, and considerately, our words are more likely to be received positively and lead to harmonious interactions. On the other hand, when we use harsh or hurtful words, they may be remembered or echoed in an unpleasant way.

The proverb suggests that by using kind and thoughtful words, we create a positive atmosphere and build better relationships. It advises individuals to be mindful of their speech and approach when expressing themselves to others. The notion of “words spoken gently go in” implies that they are accepted and understood, while “words spoken harshly come out beautifully” reflects how harsh words can be transformed or interpreted differently by others.

Usage: “가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다” is commonly used to remind people to communicate with kindness, empathy, and respect. It encourages individuals to be considerate of the impact their words can have on others and to choose their words wisely to promote understanding and positive interactions.

In essence, this proverb highlights the principle of effective and respectful communication, emphasizing that by speaking gently and thoughtfully, we can create a more positive and harmonious social environment.


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